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with real-time customer data

We help brands build deeper, more valuable connections with their customers

Why we’re different

Your Customer Data Platform is built bespoke for you.

We believe suppliers often focus too much on their sales targets and not their clients’ business. Now, we’re not naive, this is a business after all – but who’s to say there isn’t a refreshingly modern way to behave – where both sides benefit?

People are at the heart of our business.

You’ll have access to a team of industry experts that bring together a modern blend of strategists, data scientists, technologists, analysts, designers and campaigners. They’ll spend time getting under the skin of your business to understand why you need our help, exactly what you need to achieve and how best to implement the right solution.

We’re as excited about the future as we were when we started over twenty years ago. But we get that things can often feel complicated and overwhelming.

So like all truly passionate people, we try to simplify as much as is needed so that everyone understands the why, what and how. If we do that then we’ll truly empower marketing teams to unlock the benefits of modern 1:1 experiences.

So, crazy as it might sound, our time in the industry has made us realise that more so than ever, Marketing Technology is a people business.

What we do

We build, host and manage open Customer Data Platforms that connect businesses to individual customers and help marketing teams unlock the insights and value promised by modern 1:1 customer engagement.

We place a strong focus on compliance and governance. With a clear understanding of the value and risks associated with collecting, connecting and managing your customer’s data, we also have an eye on the opportunities the post-GDPR world has to offer.

We believe that marketing and technology should be made accessible to EVERYONE

How we do it?


Led by some of the most experienced in the industry, we’ll provide the expertise, methodology and inquisitive eye on your business to guide you through the challenges that modern marketing brings.

Data Insights & Analytics

Put your customers at the forefront of all decisions. Through our analytical platform we use all the latest Big Data techniques and technologies to gain real insight into your brand and your customers.

Open, Scalable Integrated Platform

Our Customer Data Management is flexible, scalable, and secure. Built around your business, our platform provides an open API to allow you to seamlessly collect, connect and activate any data from anywhere across the organisation.

Privacy by Design

Our integrated GDPR platform protects the privacy of your customers, providing all the necessary controls to ensure you have a platform that efficiently manages the demands this regulation is putting on your business.

Lifecycle Marketing, powered by AI

Design and build orchestrated lifecycle marketing programmes with our omni-channel marketing cloud that connects brands to customers, underpinned by the power of AI and predictive analytics to deliver true 1:1 experiences.

Measurement & Visualisation

Visualise your customers with static or real-time dashboards allowing you and your team to see marketing and business data with clarity, empowering the organisation to make those critical decisions faster.

Unleash the Chain

An undercurrent of our business is to stay modern, so what better way to do so than adding blockchain to the mix. Our team have been behind some of the most advanced solutions in this space and can offer something pretty unique to your business.

“The capabilities of Alchemetrics Customer Data Platform exceeded our expectations. The cutting-edge integrated marketing services they provide allows us to collect insight dynamically across a wide range of data points to gain a single view of each customer and act quickly on the results – the lynchpin of our success.”

Client, James Ray, MD, Armadillo

“Alchemetrics’ experience, vision and innovation has led them to become a highly respected and integrated reseller of ours. They offer a complete solution that provides their customers with comprehensive control of their customer database and how the data is presented and can be used in the FastStats platform.”

Partner, James Alty, MD, Apteco

“Our partnership with the team at Alchemetrics is one we value hugely. Aside from being experts in their field, their communication, agility and focus on finding solutions that deliver real business benefit to clients is impressive. They’re a fantastic bunch too— genuine, energetic, and committed to our collective growth.”

Partner, Roy Jugessur, Selligent SVP Global Sales

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