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Analysts in the US are advising restaurants that want to experience sustained growth and incremental revenue to launch a delivery service which can be accessed by customers through an app.

The research shows that delivery outside of pizza has experienced exponential growth of over 25 per cent in the last five years and the use of mobile apps to order food from a restaurant has climbed almost 20 per cent over the last 12 months. Half of those orders were dinner orders made during the evening. Furthermore, people under the age of 35 and those with higher household incomes are above-average users of digital ordering.

Food ordering via apps grown by 20% in last 12 months

Whilst like for like figures are unavailable in the UK the same trend is prevalent and convenience is a growing consideration for diners deciding where and what to have for supper. Half of consumers in the UK who choose delivery do it because they don’t want to leave home. Other top answers were it is easier or quicker than cooking.

As a result of the convenience trend across The Pond increasingly restaurants are partnering with delivery companies. According to the Wall Street Journal, for example, McDonalds is now offering a delivery service to more than 2,000 U.S locations through Uber. The fast food giant is also working on its mobile apps in order to integrate mobile pay into its m-commerce experience.

However, having an app is just part of the equation. It’s the data management system behind it that will drive the incremental returns. An app that fails to join up the customer experience will be costly and pointless. It’s akin to buying a top of the range sports car but not filling it with fuel.

Whilst analysts are rightly predicting mobile commerce as the driver of restaurant growth what is key is having the right back end systems in place to support both the in-store customer experience and the mobile one. Get that right and customers will become more engaged and the statistics show that more engaged customers spend more money.

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