New research reveals that food cravings have the biggest impact on diners’ restaurant choice. But digital marketing has the second most influence. For restaurateurs this insight into consumer behaviour is extremely positive as it demonstrates that an effective data strategy can significantly boost market share.

The study found that 80 per cent of diners tried a new restaurant after receiving a discount or promotion via email. Forty five per cent regularly check online reviews, 59 per cent view the online menu, and 51 per cent look at the restaurant’s website before deciding where to dine. Seventy-three per cent have used at least one online review source in the past three months and 24 per cent look up a new restaurant on social media before committing.

The research shows that curating an online presence must be a priority for restaurateurs. From collecting permissioned email addresses in order to be able to send offers and promotions through to the provision of free wifi enabling customers to review the restaurant or post to social media in real time. Such tactics underpinned by effective customer data platform can be capitalised on to build loyalty and customer engagement.

With nine out of 10 people saying that they would be more likely to dine at restaurant that is recommended to them by a friend it stands to reason that by successfully entrenching one customer in your digital ecosystem their friends will soon follow. Going viral is not just a digital phenomenon, it can be a physical one too!

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Dave Gurney

CEO, Alchemetrics - Expert in Data & Digital Marketing
enabling senior marketers to value from engaging customers online.