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There was a time when bar and restaurant customers were a simple crowd. Granted you’d get the odd difficult one, but typically if you kept them fed and watered they’d have a good time and go home happy.

Now it’s a different kettle of fish. It’s not just the physical experience of the bar or restaurant that customers care about; it’s also about the virtual experience or more specifically how the experience looks to the outside world on social media. Something we’ve coined ‘Instagram-Chic.’

Research shows that over half of all bar and restaurant customers will have their phone out on the table and this rises significantly amongst Millennials. Over a third of Millennials always take a photo of their meal or drinks and post it on social media, whilst a further third regularly do so. Speaking at The Morning Advertiser’s MA500 event a 27-year old commented:

Social media is a big thing when I go out with my friends. I like to check in on Facebook and SnapChat, showing off my food and cocktails. I’m probably a social media addict so I check in everywhere I go.

This trend of Millennials showcasing their life online is significant for restaurants and bars for a number of reasons:

  1. Wifi must be provided. Today’s customers expect to be able to access the internet for free when they are out

  3. Creating social pages across all channels that customers can tag and engage with aids their desire to showcase their customer experiences

  5. Implementing a database management system will enable you to join up the wifi and social platforms to deliver a truly personalised experience to individual customers

Taken together these three learnings mean that bars and restaurants can forge a relationship with their customers remotely. From delivering relevant promotions and communications, to offering in-app reservation, ordering and payment; the opportunities are endless, but is also quickly moving from a ‘nice-to-have’ to a ‘must-have’ as today’s more demanding customers are beginning to expect it.

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Dave Gurney

CEO, Alchemetrics - Expert in Data & Digital Marketing
enabling senior marketers to value from engaging customers online.