Voice Search
A new study by Uberall shows that almost one in six people now use voice search at least once a week in the UK. However, two thirds of people still haven’t used it, but over half (55 per cent) think that they will in the future.

The survey reveals that of the people that do use voice search, they do so most frequently in their own home (52 per cent) or in the car (15 per cent), but have also been known to make use of the function when walking to a destination, at work, in a restaurant/shop/café, and on public transport.

Of those not adopting voice search more frequently, 27 per cent said it’s because they’re not used to it, while 19 per cent don’t feel it’s very efficient, and 18 per cent do not think it’s accurate. Eleven per cent of respondents said they don’t use voice search because they feel uncomfortable talking to artificial intelligence, with the same number saying they were embarrassed about using voice search in front of others.

Despite these barriers, increasing numbers of brands are looking at how to integrate voice search into their omnichannel experience. For instance it was recently announced that online bathroom retailer, Bathroom Takeaway, is the first in the sector to feature voice search on its website. The retailer said it had taken the step because of the growing popularity of smart speakers in the home and on-the-go tech with voice capability. The company said that it will provide customers with an enriched and personalised shopping experience and it has already seen a 115 per cent uplift in mobile searches with an increase of 1.7 per cent in average order values since adding the feature onto its website – clearly a compelling business case.

It’s no surprise therefore that voice search readiness is becoming an increasingly important consideration for brands. However, those that will truly be ahead of the curve are not those that simply integrate it into their digital repertoire, but those that utilise the information it delivers. Voice search is an incredibly powerful source of data that can be fed into the customer data platform and used to further enhance and improve the overall customer experience.

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