Restaurant WiFi
New research reveals that 80 per cent of customers will log onto a restaurant’s free Wi-Fi if it is offered. Love it or hate people using the internet at the table is not a fly by night trend. It’s a social movement that is growing; as is the use of restaurants, bars and cafes as an extension to the office. Over half of office workers believe that they get more done in a coffee shop, bar or restaurant than they do at their desk. The reason for this; according to the Journal of Consumer Behaviour, is that the noise and bustle stimulates the imagination and improves performance of creative tasks. So much so that there is now even a website that helps uninspired workers replicate the sounds of an eatery at their desk!

The fact that 68 per cent of Wi-Fi using customers also spend more than non-users should also be a compelling reason to offer Wi-Fi. But more importantly the Wi-Fi provides a conduit to over three quarters of the customer base.

Establishing a relationship with such a significant proportion of patrons through any other channel would be incredibly hard. The Wi-Fi data can build up an extremely accurate, opted-in database that can be used to power incredibly relevant marketing campaigns that engender brand loyalty and encourage higher frequency visits; the holy grail for restaurateurs.

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Dave Gurney

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