Enabling more decisive marketing

through customer understanding

We're a modern breed of customer insight agency that uses the most advanced analytical techniques to enable brands to make decisive actions through customer understanding.

Why we’re different

Rubicon – Noun: ‘Taking decisive action to influence future events’

Being future focused is what makes us different. We’re a passionate team of experienced, forward thinking strategy and analytics experts that solve today’s marketing problems by enhancing tried and tested data marketing methods with tomorrow’s marketing concepts and technologies.

The world is changing rapidly and that’s why we’ve gone back to the drawing board and created a new type of agency – one that’s fit for purpose. We comprise a mix of experienced data practitioners, futurists, technology experts and customer insight professionals.

Together, with our Customer Data Platform within Alchemetrics and our network of analytical partners, we unlock the possibilities data can bring to your business by making your marketing machine work harder, better, faster.

“There are only two sources of competitive advantage: the ability to learn more about our customers faster than the competition and the ability to turn that learning into action faster than the competition.”

Jack Welch GE.

What we do

We give brands competitive advantage through strategy and insight by using the latest marketing analytics technology to make effective 1:1 customer experience a reality – not an unfulfilled promise.

We’ll review your business, processes and data to come up with a plan to modernise how you deliver experiences to your customers.  The options we have available are endless.

Whether it’s blockchain to enhance your marketing capabilities, building RFM models to identify high value customers, establishing a new Customer Data Platform to deliver better experiences for your customers or simply segmenting your database to deliver more relevant communications, our team are ready to help take you on a journey!

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Our offices

Head office

33 King’s Road, Reading

Sales office

33 Foley St, Fitzrovia
London, W1W 7TL, UK

Dev office

Technopolis, J. Balčikonio 9
Vilnius LT-08314, Lithuania