Single Customer View
Great omnichannel experiences. Targeted offers. Better conversion rates. Accurate response and profitability metrics.

Whatever your marketing goals, they are yours. Every brand has different needs for different audiences and that’s why we believe every marketer should have complete control over their data and analytics.

A recent report found only 6% of marketers had a single view of the customer, despite 90% reporting it as a top priority. A similarly tiny number – 8% – were happy with their in-house data integration tools.

That is precisely why our award-winning informa platform puts the Single Customer View database at the centre of all marketing activity, providing users with the ability to efficiently and precisely control targeting across all channels and all devices in real-time at the right-time.

Poor analytics, no campaign feedback loop, unreliable reporting and delayed in-house systems projects: does any of this sound familiar?

We truly believe that handing control of data back to the end user is the future of insight-driven marketing. So that’s exactly what we deliver. And we do it quickly, efficiently and provide support every step of the way.

This is Software With a Service (SWaS).

Our integration projects take weeks – not years. We can create a consistent customer database that’s always available to channel systems. Just imagine adding several hundred thousand new records to your database today and see them appear in your analytics view tomorrow morning.

Analytics is built in too. We’ve been Apteco partners since 2003 with informa tightly integrated with FastStats in order to put the control of data squarely in the hands of the marketer.

Quick integration, reliable analytics, a complete customer view that allows you to target the right customer at the right. Sounds good, right? With informa, that’s exactly what you get.

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Dave Gurney

CEO, Alchemetrics - Expert in Data & Digital Marketing
enabling senior marketers to value from engaging customers online.