wine and dine
New research from OpenTable reveals that over half of diners do not feel confident enough to pair wine with their meal and are too embarrassed to ask for a recommendation from their waiter or sommelier. To counteract this and avoid any awkward gaffes 66 per cent of restaurant goers will choose the house wine with nine out of ten people believing it to be the cheapest and easiest option. But…

92 per cent would welcome a digital recommendation.

Consumer research such as this demonstrates that restaurants are missing a trick. Today’s data rich landscape means that restaurants with a database management system would be able to utilise it to push wine recommendations to patrons based on their dining history and previous food and drink choices.

As soon as the customer books a table an automatically generated message delivered via email or through an app can be generated recommending three bottles of wine from the menu – a reasonably priced bottle, a mid-range wine and a luxury treat – similar to Amazon’s recommendation engine. The message could even be signed by the table’s waiter. Not only would this provide a valuable service to the customer but it will ultimately boost the restaurant’s bottom line by encouraging them to stray from their ‘safe’ house-wine choice to a bottle which is likely to be more expensive.

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Dave Gurney

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